Honey's a hot dog lover's paradise

A few weeks ago, Peggy, Whitney and I set off on an adventure for lunch. After striking out at our first choice, they suggested we head to Honey’s Hot Dogs, a place beloved by the two of them.

My main concern—I don’t eat hot dogs. Lucky for me, this place has more than that. Hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken fingers, chicken sandwiches, salads, fries, dessert…I’m pretty sure I’ve left some things out.

I’ve driven by the restaurant on Fortner Street plenty of times, but never had a reason to go in, or so I thought. The place is the most delightful piece of kitsch I’ve seen in a while.

The shed-like wooden exterior lends way to a room filled with chairs and treasures. There are records on the ceiling, hot dog candles, awards, photographs and a shiny wooden floor. My eyes immediately went to the bottom of the chairs, each of which was capped with bright yellow tennis balls.

To keep that shiny floor shiny, I suppose. As for the food, I went for a grilled chicken sandwich, an order of fresh-cut fries and a side of that melted, liquid cheese that you usually only see on nachos at a baseball game.

I have no idea what this mysterious cheese is, but it is delicious.

Whitney had a slaw dog and fries, which is a Honey’s hot dog topped with chili and a side of slaw.

Peggy had a chili dog and fries. My sandwich was good. The fries were really good. Dipping them in the cheese was even better.

As for Peggy and Whitney, there was nothing but silence from their side of the table as they devoured their dogs.

The verdict? “They’re good. They’re really, really good.”

Honey’s offers several desserts, and we decided to split a brownie. Our waitress warmed it up and put some ice cream on top, and the brownie was gone in a flash.

We dined at 1 p.m., and the place was about half-full. I’ve been warned that there can be a serious wait during busy times, so plan accordingly if you visit.

Honey’s has good food, but its cheeky atmosphere makes everything taste better.

Emily Kulavich

Sep 7, 2011